Join LeArta Moulton as she walks through many of the plants that made her full-color identification and use cards famous. For the past 25 years she has conducted herb walks for mountain retreat seminars, herb conventions, communities and friends.    Now, she will take you personally on a field trip to identify wild plants all around you.

During spring, summer and fall, through the wonder of video, see plants from mountains, valleys, deserts to your own back yard.

LeArta will:

  • Show You The Difference between look alike, medicinal, edible, and poisonous plants
  • Give You Detailed Identifying Characteristics of root, leaf, blossom, seed and mature plant.
  • Help You Become Confident, self reliant, independent, healthier and more educated in what you can do with wild plants.
  • Save You Money in avoiding costly medical bills, by using plants that prevent illness, heal and save lives.
  • See over 135 medicinal, edible and poisonous plants found throughout the world’s temperate zones.



Group 1: Umbel Flowers